Meet Nicole

Applesby Airlines inflight magazine, ‘Let’s Fly, Fly Away‘, interviewed Nicole as part of their ‘Get to know our crew’ back in 2005. We hope you enjoy her answers. Remember you can pick up a copy of the magazine inflight or from any quality airport lounge.

Nicole – Flight Attendant

Nicole is played by Lola Morgans in Attendants – Coming to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August – Thursday 4th to Saturday 12th.

What’s your job at Applesby Airlines?

Air Attendant – I’m the most mature out of us all I think!

What’s your favourite colour?

Something warm, like a maroon maybe?

What’s your favourite album?

Gotta love the Spice Girls: Spice Up Your Life especially

Your friends would describe you as …?

Bossy on a bad day and organised on a good day!

How old are you?

24, sometimes I feel so old then I remember Amelia Earhart was 40 when she flew around the world… maybe not the best example.

How long have you worked for Applesby Airlines?

Two years: it’s gone quickly!

Go to karaoke song?

I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys!!

What’s your favourite film?

Probably Titanic, I cry my eyes out every time … don’t tell the others.

If you weren’t a flight attendant, what would you be?

A little less tired! Just joking, I always think that I could have been a great writer – but that’s just a dream.

What’s your favourite country you’ve visited with the Applesby Airlines?

We once had a flight to Fiji and it was gorgeous – better still because it was such a calm flight over!

Please Note: Applesby Airlines, and all the characters portrayed in Attendants, including Nicole, are fictional and were dreamt up in the minds of Amelie Breach, Ava Borthwick & Lola Morgans. You can enjoy meeting all the characters in Attendants at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 4th to 12th August 2023.